Don’t Marry Anyone In This Category Of Men Or Women.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. No doubt this is well thought through a statement. Just like a lady need to be very careful before walking down the aisle with the man she loves, the same also applies to the man.

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Your choice of a spouse will greatly impact your success and growth in life. This will cut across every area of a man’s life and maybe the sole difference between failure and success.

Below are some key points that will guide you before you choose any man or woman.

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1) Don’t marry someone that can not bring out the best in you: Some think the way to motivate is to tear down. it’s not good for a man to be alone, that’s the bible line that led to the creation of a woman. Maximizing each other’s potentials is the most critical justification for marriage. You will get enough discouragement out there; you can’t afford a woman whose words and action reduce your ability to do something great. Some men may actually be driven by the need to prove their pessimistic wife wrong, that kind of growth will not be beneficial to the marriage in the long term.

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2) Don’t Marry Someone That Can Not Respect You: Respect is reciprocal. A Man is respected as the head in marriage, outside of this, we all need to be respected. This is not intended to be a master or servant or dictatorial kind of relationship or marriage. However, respect is needed for any marriage or relationship to be enjoyed. Two people driving a car at the same time with one steering wheel is a sure sign for disaster even if they are both great drivers. The welcome rise in woman empowerment has led to debates around gender equality and feminism. While I am a strong advocate of gender equality, taking the concept too far in a marriage creates needless tension between couples. I will suggest you stay away from a lady who is extreme in her views of equality

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3) Don’t Marry Someone Who Doesn’t Think You Are Big Enough For Marriage: We all have met someone we admire for their accomplishments. While it’s important that you continually strive to be the best of you, it’s significant you have the support of a woman who identifies your strength and continually validates you. This singular action will drive the most complacent of a man. Your wife will sure meet other men with admirable accomplishments, do not stay with a woman who lacks the discretion in the way she hypes them around you or benchmarks you with them. You need space to grow at your own pace.

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4) Don’t Marry Someone That Still Holds On To Her Past Relationship Life. (Abuse, Divorce On Her Side, Heartbreaks): You can’t pay the price for the sins of others. It’s not your fault that she had an unfortunate past relationship or marriage. If she does not want to drop the baggage and face new beginning with you then give a chance before your marriage with her will be strewn.

5) Financially Reckless: Rich or poor, financial prudence is always needful. Avoid a lady who is consumed by vanity and driven by competition. Her values are distorted and will give attention to keeping up with her peers rather than focus on character that will build the marriage.

6) Don’t Marry Someone That Can Not Share Your Spiritual Conviction: Spiritual faiths are always more deeply rooted than we thought. It informs our beliefs and actions. Shall two work together except they agree, is absurd? You also confuse the children if your opinions about spirituality differ. Kids should be directed and not giving a choice to follow either dad or mum. You will need the highest level of alignment with your spouse. A different view will be quite complicated to manage.

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7) Intolerant Of Your Family Members: Your family remains your family and they are strongly part of your life. A good wife should strengthen your family bond and not weaken it. I must, however, add, that there are instances when keeping away is

8) Don’t Marry Someone That’s Still In Love Her Ex-Lover: You are the best and you deserve the best. Do not allow anyone to place you as a second-best choice while you can be the first best choice. If she still wants her ex-lover, please permit her to go find him. You will not be able to handle the imaginary lover in her mind.

9) Don’t Marry Her If She Has A Closer Male Friend Called Bestie: Some women don’t really seem to understand what marriage means. They still want a close friend of the opposite gender. Marry your best friend or replace your best friend with your spouse after all marriage is best and sweet when you marry your best. Anything different is hazardous to your marriage.

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10) Don’t Marry Someone You Are Not Attracted To Or Someone who Is Not Attractied To You: God in his wisdom made us in different sizes and shapes, be truthful to yourself and make your own choice. You will not get a chance for another. Note that attraction is personal to you, do not judge based on the opinion of friends and family. We all have our definition of beautiful appearance, determine yours, and go for it.

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11) Don’t Marry Someone With A Bad Medical History: Ascertain medical history such as blood group, genotype, etc. Get needed medical advice. It will be disastrous for AS to Unknowingly marry AS or HIV positive to unknowingly marry HIV positive. The results are hazardous.

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