1. Two Lovers planned to commit suicide on a 4 storey building… The Boy jumped first and the Girl closed her eyes and return back saying love is blind..And then, the Boy in the air also opened his parachute saying love never dies.

2. I heard a girl talking on the phone this morning and i felt like asking her to give me the number she used to call God cuz all the things she was asking for can only be given by God.

3. The best way to look for a girl’s trouble is to snap her and refuse to show her the pictures… She can even swear amadioha for you at that moment.

4. Nothing makes a short person happier than seeing someone that is shorter than them.

5. Sometimes God allows your phone to fall so He can hear you shout “Jesus!!” since you have refused to pray for a while.

6. Your parents named you fortuneYou changed it to mhizfortune.. Shebi you think Jesus no de understand english ahbi..

7. No animal on earth can run faster than a lady with make up when it’s raining.. Abeg this is not my handwriting oo.

8. Girls can lie ehn, I remember when my ex once said, baby if you leave me i will die.. But to my greatest surprise, i saw the idiot alive yesterday..Can you imagine??

9. Baby am coming.. This motivational sentence can make a guy to sweep even the whole community..

10. On my wedding day if you hear your name, you march forward and collect your rice..The rest will explain who invited them.. grin grin

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